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Experience the pristine lagoons and sparkling coral reefs of Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep Kavaratti

Lakshadweep Islands, a cluster of 36 small islands, is located 400 km away from the Malabar Coast. It is known for its beautiful lagoons and coral reefs. Over the years, tourists have been visiting Lakshadweep Islands for leisure travel and romantic escapades. Only 10 islands out of the total 36 have been inhabited so far. These islands are differentiated into three territories: Aminidvi Islands belong to the northern territory while the central territory is occupied by Laccadive Islands, eventually letting the Minicoy islands inhabit the southern territory.

Kavaratti is the capital of Lakshadweep islands. It is also called as the ‘coral paradise’. The indigenous culture of people in Lakshadweep has been influenced by Kerala. The uninhabited islands of the cluster are known for their uninterrupted marine flora and fauna.

History does not reveal much about the past of Lakshadweep islands. Later, few resources assumed that perhaps people from Kerala were the first and foremost inhabitants of these islands. The 9th century leader of Kerala Cheraman Perumal had been mentioned in the legends related to the history of Lakshadweep islands.

During the medieval history, Lakshadweep was ruled by the Chola Dynasty, and then followed by the Kingdom of Cannanore. Tipu Sultan ruled over Lakshadweep after which the British came and captured it. Currently, the population of Lakshadweep consists of Muslims belonging to the Shafi sect of the Sunni followers. Very often, Lakshadweep has been mentioned in the travel stories of the Arab traveler Ibn Batuta.

Lakshadweep Agatti

Following are the main attractions of Lakshadweep

Karavati Island: It is the capital of Lakshadweep islands. It is known for approximately 52 mosques revealing the influence of Islam on the island. The most famous and exquisitely carved mosque out of all is the Ujra Mosque. It is the most developed tourist hotspot in the Lakshadweep Islands.

Golden Jubilee Museum in Agatti: It’s the only one island present in Lakshadweep. It has preserved old and traditional Minicoy sailboats which are called as ‘jagdhoni.’ Other cultural and ancestral forms of artifacts are preserved such as pots, coins, wooden chests and antique jars are also displayed in this museum. The ground floor of the museum also has busts of Lord Buddha displayed that are believed to trace back to the 9th and the 12th centuries.

Lagoon in Agatti: Silvery beach and sparkling coral reefs are the significant attractions of the lagoon in Agatti. The fresh water lagoon is transparent and hence one can easily see the floating reefs, crabs and fishes. The depth of water is ten feet. Adding to it, the resorts in Agatti islands have been designed keeping in mind the personal space of the tourists. Every resort has rooms with windows looking towards the blue lagoon, adding a very romantic ambience to the entire stay.

Bangaram Island: It is known for sparkling coral reefs, stretching palm trees and pellucid waters. In fact, it is called as the ‘jewel of Lakshadweep.’  Very often, it has been called as the picture book atoll. The remains of a twenty year old shipwreck add further mystical value to the Bangaram Island. One can also visit the Sting Ray Point and the Fresh water lake. The Bangaram Island Resort has for years, been focusing on sustainable development and eco-tourism.

Androth Island: This is the largest island among the cluster of other 36 islands of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep. It is known for the lighthouse, Juma ‘at Mosque and Boat cruises. The light house was created during the time of the British regime and it is 300 feet tall. It was constructed so that the islands can be easily located if ships were crossing it. The Juma ‘at mosque also includes the tomb of Saint Ubaidullah. It is quite different from all the other islands that are present in the northern or the southern side of this island.

Excursions to Lakshadweep Islands
The famous tourist hotspots in Lakshadweep Islands are Kavarati Island, Kadmat, Bangaram Island and Kalpeni island.

Lakshadweep Islands

Shopping in Lakshadweep Islands
Locally made handicrafts are available in plenty at the various resorts of the Lakshadweep Islands. One can also find exquisite craft works made up of coconut shells and sea shells. The economy of Lakshadweep survives on the production of vinegar, tuna and jaggery.

When to Reach
The months from October to April are the best options for visiting Lakshadweep Islands. During this time, the weather is most pleasant.

How to Reach
By Air: The distance between Lakshadweep and the western coast of Kerala is approximately 400 km. Regular airlines run from Cochin to Agatti for six days in a week. Helicopter transfers are also provided to the Bangaram Beach Resort or the Karavati Island.
By Rail: The nearest railway station situated close to the Lakshadweep Islands is the railway stations in Kerala. The railway stations in Kerala are closely related to all the important locations in India.
By Sea: The Company called ‘Sports’ organized exciting cruises from Cochin to Agatti. There are four passenger ships which operate in between the islands. These are called as M. V. Minicoy, M.V. Aminidivi, M.V. Bharatseema and M.V. Tipusultan.

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