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Vrindavan Religious Tourism

VrindavanVrindavan: The Village of Lord Krishna
There are few places on earth where you do not have to struggle hard to feel the presence of God The entire ambiance is very pious, making you feels protected and safe all the time. One such destination is Vrindavan- the village of Lord Krishna.
Vrindavan, a popular religious pilgrimage destination in Uttar Pradesh, is embroidered by River Yamuna. 10 km from Mathura, this historical city is closely linked with the Lord Krishna's childhood. Also called as Vraja Bhoomi or Vrindavan Dham, the destination homes some of the most noteworthy temples of Lord Krishna in India.
Vrindavan Travel includes worshipping at ‘few majestic temples dedicated to Lord Krishna’, a ‘boat ride along the shores of River Yamuna’ and a ‘walk through the sacred groves’ that are en-wrapped in some mystery.

It is believed that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a re-incarnation of Lord Krishna visited Vrindavan in 1515 in search of divine love. It was believed that by his divine spiritual power, he was able to locate all the important places of Krishna's life in and around Vrindavan.
Simply do not miss to take a boat ride from Mathura to Vrindavan, which takes four hours. It will add spark to your tour to Vrindavan.

Following are the main travel attractions of Vrindavan:

Shri Banke Bihari Temple
This is a palace-like-temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, built in the very heart of the city. The word 'Banke' means 'bent in 3 places' and 'Bihari' means 'supreme enjoyer'. The image of Lord Krishna stands here in Tribhanga posture with three graceful bends in his body.
This is amongst the holiest and famous temples of Lord Krishna in India. Though the temple was constructed in 1864, the idol is much older and was worshipped in Nidhivan till 1863.
During festivals, the idol is beautifully dressed up and offered food according to the season. There is a tantalising peace in its aura that attracts many tourists and makes them a permanent residence of here.

Enveloped in mythological history and mystery, this sacred forest is the place where Swami Haridas, a great devotee of Lord Krishna first discovered the idol of Lord Banke Bihari (an incarnation of Lord Krishna) which today sits in the great Banke Bihari Temple.
Lord Krishna is believed to take rest with his beloved Radha here. The shrine inside has a bed which is adorned with flowers by the priests every evening. No one is allowed to stay inside after sunset as it is believed that Lord Krishna along with his Goddess Radha come here to perform their spiritual leela.

Prem MandirPrem Mandir
Spread over 54 acres of land, this is a temple dedicated again to Lord Krishna. The temple features a stunning depiction of Govardhan Parvat and Ras Lila by Lord Krishna. The temple was established by Fifth Jagadguru Shri KripaluJi Maharaj KripaluJi Maharaj.
It is made of Italian marble and is 122 feet in height. Water fountains and garden on all its sides add to the beauty of the place. The most striking feature of its architecture is that the temple has doors that open in all directions.

Jaipur Temple
This is a beautiful temple built by the King of Jaipur, Maharaja Sawai Madhav in 1917. The deities worshipped here are the different incarnations of Lord Vishnu. It took 30 years to build this temple. It stands as an exemplary of the fine craftsmanship with rich and intricate carvings. It is almost unbelievable to know that the temple has been constructed from a single rock structure.

Excursions from Vrindavan

Mathura (14km), Deeg (21km) and Agra (67km) are some of the ideal getaways to explore for the globetrotters while indulging in Vrindavan Travel.

Shopping in Vrindavan

Marble and alabaster made items are very famous here. Objects of worship, holy books and beads can be seen adorning the Vrindavan bazaars. Food connoisseursmust try the delicious sweets like peda, thandai, lassi andspicy kachori-sabzi.
One of the most fascinating things found here are the pens and pencils made of glasses beautifully decorated with animal shaped toppings. Kids simply love it!

trip to VrindavanWhen to Reach

If you wish to save yourself from the scorching heat of North India, then plan your trip to Vrindavan only during November-March when the weather is pleasant and suitable for exploration.
Holi (March) which is the famous festival, celebrated here with great zeal and enthusiasm is also a prominent time to go for Vrindavan Travel.


How to Reach
Air: Delhi Airport (150km) is the best air route to reach this destination. It receives flights from almost all the major Indian and international cities.
Rail: Mathura Railway Station (14km) is the nearest rail-head to reach the destination. It is connected to many Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai.
Road: Frequent buses are available for Mathura from Delhi. One can get down at Chhatikara Road and then take a taxi or motor-rickshaw to reach the destination.
Vrindavan Travel is an experience that has changed many lives in a good way. People come here for a day or two but they get so enchanted with the destination that they finally stay back forever to serve the mankind. Such is the aura of this destination. You don't believe? Then, take the tour and explore for yourself.

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