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Shirdi: The Sacred abode of Sai Baba


Sai Baba of Shirdi is one of the most worshipped and deeply revered saints of India. Thousands of devotees visit the holy town of Shirdi, located 88 km from Nasik in Maharashtra. The devotional intensity of the devotees creates the powerful religious ambience in this sleepy town. Tourists from all over the world come and experience this life changing aura and peaceful vicinity of this enigmatic town that has been touching the lives of millions of people. Sai Baba, who is also fondly called as the 'Child of God' had been the worshipped for his teachings related to 'Shraddha' (reverence) and "Saburi" (perseverance). Right from the age of 16 years, Sai Baba had dedicated his entire life for the empowerment and liberation of human life from pain and suffering.

The Shrine of Sai Baba has been included in the world wide map of important pilgrimages. The Samadhi Temple is revered for preserving the last remains of Sai Baba. Pilgrims from all over the world, stand in long queues to get a glimpse of the mortal remains of the saint in this temple, making it the very focal point of the pilgrimage. Today, the temples dedicated to Saint Sai Baba are present everywhere in the world.

Following are the main attractions of Shirdi

Sai Baba Temple: Located 196 km away from Mumbai, this temple was built in 1922 to preserve the mortal remains of saint Sai Baba. The mystical saint's body was cremated in the temple after his death in 1918. White stones are used to make the samadhi while temple is made of stones. The pure Italian made marblestone of Sai Baba is seated in the temple. The temple opens up at 4 am. in the morning and is closed at 10 pm. It remains open overnight on festivals like Ramnavami, Guru Purmina and Dussehra. A photo of Sai Baba is taken out on a palenquin, outside the temple, every thursday.

Lendi Baug: Sai Baba himself transformed the useless wasteland and converted it into a beautiful garden with lovely flowers, known as Lendi Baug. Located northwestern to the Sai Baba Temple, one can also spot Datta Mandir and Baba's horse Sham Sundar in the garden. The major landmark of the garden is the Peepal Tree which can be easily noticed. It is also believed that this garden is dedicated to Lord Dattatreya who is revered for the integration of the forces of divine Gods like Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.

Gurusthan: It is believed that the Gurusthan is that sacred place in Shirdi where the spiritual Guru of Sai Baba attained samadhi (final stage of meditation leading to the surrender of the human body) Thus, it is also summoned as the resting place of the God. Sai Baba also used to come and meditate at Gurustan during his time in Shirdi. The Neem Tree at Gurusthan is revered for its magical powers.

Dwarkamai: Pilgrims consider Dwarkamai as one of the irreplaceable treasures of Shirdi. Before the arrival of the saint in Shirdi, it is believed that Dwarkamai was an old mosque in the town, existing in a dilapilated condition. There is a big stone and a portrait of Sai Baba at the first level of Dwarkamai. There are two rooms in this first level, the first one containing a chariot and the second one having a palnequin. There is a sqaure stool kept in the second level, where it is believed that Baba used to take a bath.

Baba's Chawadi: It is believed that every Thursday, Sai Babe used to walk to Baba's Chawdi and rest there for a night. It is revered for being the sacred place where Sai Baba used to treat the followers and heal them from pain and suffering. Even now, the procession continues, with the portrait of Baba being carried through a palenquin from the temple to Baba' Chawdi.

Excursions from Shirdi
Tourists can explore several other interesting locations from Shirdi like Sakroi (9km), Nashik (88 km), shanisinghnapur (73 km), Ajanta and Ellora Caves (144 km).

When to Visit: The best time to visit Shirdi is basically from December to February. Tourists also come to Shirdi to participate in the festivals like Ramnavmi (March end), Guru Purnima (July) and Shirdi Vijayadashmi (October).

How to Visit:
Air: The nearest airport to Shirdi is located in Aurangabad which is 144 km away.
Rail: The two railway stations which are near to Shirdi are located at Kopergaon (18 km) and Manmad railway station(60 kms).
Road: Several public and private buses connect Shirdi with other cities of Maharashtra. The frequency of transport is very regular and well connected.

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