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Udaygiri Caves Tourism Package

Udaygiri Caves: The earliest traces of Jain rock-cut shelters,

Udaygiri Caves

Revered for being the earliest traces of Jain rock-cut shelters, the Udaygiri caves are located near Vidhisha in Madhya Pradesh. The Great Emperor of Gupta Empire, Chandragupta II, played an important role in revamping and reconstructing them. The Archaeological survey of India currently protects this site, as it has slowly become one of the tourism hotspots. Thus, these are the classical examples of the intricate and exquisite Gupta Arts. In the Hathigumpha inscription, it was referred as Kumari Parvat.

Twenty different caves are located in the Udaygiri and Sunpura villages. Udaygiri term mean 'mountain of the sunrise.' The British engineer Alexander Cunningham had numbered these caves from south to north during the 19th century. It is believed that these caves were constructed in the 4th and 5th century AD.

Following are the main tourist attractions of Udaygiri Caves

Cave 1: It is lauded for being one of the most important and exquisitely done caves in Udaygiri. Though, now only a substantial residue remains. The portico and the root of the cave is formed by the natural ledge of the rock. British art historians like Percy Brown have called it as one of the most graceful examples of Indian architecture.Udaygiri Caves

Cave 2: It occupies the centre among the reliefs and shrines. Its plain entrance has traces of two pilasters. The rock cut image of Skanda or the war god has been preserved inside. The broad square face of the idol reveals the pattern of 5th century figural sculpture.

Cave 5: One can figure out the picture of the boar manifestation of Hindu Lord Vishnu who isĀ  in the process of saving the Goddess Prithvi from the Ocean. Thus, he holds it on one of its tusks. In another carving, Lord Vishnu is seen lying down.

Cave 6: It has a T-Shaped door. Presumably, this cave was also called as Shiva Linga though there is no evidence to support this fact. There is also a beautiful figure of the seated Ganesha. The sanctum stands guarded at the very centre.

The Passage: It starts from the Cave 8. The excavation of this passage makes the distinctive feature of Udaygiri. The natural canyon in the rocks run from east to west. Several additions and modifications have been introduced in the passage. There are several sculptures of standing Vishnu but now they stand damaged.

Cave 20: It is known for its exquisite Jain carvings. One can also spot the residual remains of the 6th century Gupta temple.

Excursions from Udaygiri Caves: Tourists can explore other destinations in Madhya Pradesh, such as Wardha ( 50 km), Bhopal ( 84 km), Indore ( 252 km) and Jhansi ( 317 km).

Udaygiri CavesWhen to Visit: The best time to visit the Udaygiri Caves is during July to March.

How to Visit:
Air: The nearest airport to Udaygiri is located at Bhopal at a distance of 60 km.
Rail: The major railhead near to Udaygiri caves is located at Bhopal, at a distance of 60 km.

Road: One can take regular buses from Bhopal, Sanchi, Gyraspur, Udaypur and Vidisha to reach the Udaygiri caves.

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