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Hampi: Beautiful Vestige of Karnataka

Surreal, stark and yet spectacular! The forlorn ruins of bewitching Hampi makes you run out of words to accolade its enthralling beauty. This small heritage town bears a  royal history of much flourished Vijayanagar Empire, with its ruins, tenderly cared within its enclaves. The time freezes here, compelling you to think of the vibrant beauty that the Vijayanagar Empire must have once been.

The silhouetted mountains with a backdrop of hussy green banana vegetation and palm groves, adds a picturesque mood to the site. Hampi gets its name  from ‘Pampa’ – the ancient name of Tungabhadra River, on whose banks the capital city of the Vijayanagara Empire was built. Legend has it, two princes of Vijayanagar Empire, 'Hakka' and 'Bukka' under the guidance of their spiritual leader, Guru Viyaranya, established the city in 1336.  It was a flourishing, bustling city till the second half of the 16th century, when the Sultan of Bijapur took over it. Presumably, the city’s temples were demolished by the intruders and its sandalwood palaces were burnt down in an attempt to wipe it down. Hampi is also believed to be the capital of monkey kingdom during the era of famous Ramayana epic.

Following are the main attractions of Hampi:

Vitalla Temple: Lauded for its iconic construction of stone chariot, the temple absorbs you into its beauty of intricate carvings on walls. These carvings depict stories from Hindu epics and mythologies. Interestingly, the pillars in the hall of the temple are musical as they sound a definite musical note on being struck. It is situated north-east of Hampi and opposite to the village of Anegondi

Hampi Bazaar: Also known as Virupaksha Bazaar, this street is located near Virupaksha Temple. The place was once a thriving market and a residence for nobles. Towards the western end of the streets, one can find shops and restaurants. The place is slowly coming back to life.

ThanjavurSule Bazaar: Half-way along the path of Hampi Bazaar to the Vittala Temple, a stretch to the right leads you to Sule Bazaar. It is an ancient market that still does not want to wear new colours of a modernity. Antique buildings standing there with calmness is really an alluring feature.

Virupaksha Temple: Dedicated to an incarnation of Lord Shiva, this temple is 600 years old. This is the most sacred and biggest structure of Hampi and is also known as Pampapathi. Located on the southern bank of river Tungabhadra, this is the only functional temple since its origin in 7th century.


Excursions from Hampi: Visitors can also explore places such as Badami (175km), Bijapur (235km) and Bidar (378km).


Shopping in Hampi: Walk to Hampi Bazaar, and you can find numerous shops selling jewellery made by Lumban nomads, embroidered fabrics, bags and antique coins. Silver jewellery and semi-precious stones are also preffered.

ThanjavurWhen to reach: The best time to visit Hampi is between October-November. Virupaksha Car Festival (March/April) is also a sought after time to visit to explore the festive ambience.


How to reach:

Air: Closest airport is at Bellary, 77 km away from Hampi, receiving regular flights from Bengaluru and Goa.

Rail: Hospet (13km) is the closest railway head to Hampi with regular connectivity.

Road: Direct buses are availble from Bengaluru, Goa and nearby states. Rented cars can also be taken to travel to Hampi.

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