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Kanha National Park

The most well maintained National Park in India

Kanha National Park The Jungle Book

The Kanha National Park is located in Madhya Pradesh, situated in the Maikal Hills of Satpura Ranges. It stretches over two districts, namely Balaghat and Mandala. In 1879, it was declared as a forest reserve. In 1933, it was called as the wildlife sanctuary. Later, till around the 1930s, the Kanha National Park was divided into Banjar and the Hallon sanctuaries. It was later in 1955 when it was declared as a national park.

It is also believed that the Kanha National Park was the inspiration behind Rudyard Kipling's popular novel 'The Jungle Book.' Along with having an impressive number of tigers, the Kanha National Park is known for the preservation of the endangered Swamp Deers (Barasingha). The stringent and flawless conservation measures that have been employed at the Kanha National Park makes it one of the most well maintained national parks in India. According to history, the land under the Kanha National park was initially a part of the Land of the Gonds. The two tribes of Central India, namely, the Baigas and the Gonds used to occupy this area. 

Following are the main tourist attractions in Kanha National Park:

Flora: The flora in Kanha national park normally consists of mixed deciduous trees and sal trees. There are approximately 70 species of trees found in Kanha National Park. One can easily spot the following trees like bamboo, valley grasslands, jamun and saja. In fact, one can easily spot the bamboo tree growing on the middle slopes. The park includes more than 200 different varieties of flowers. The beauty of these trees and flowers is further enhanced with it being intermingled with the meadows. The moderate climate helps in the growth of a rich flora in this national park. The topography of this lake is also irrigated through the Nila, Banjar and Sulkum rivers.

Kanha National Park Bamni Dadar

Fauna: Herbivorous and carnivorous animals can be found in the Kanha National Park. The Barasingha is called as the 'Jewel of Kanha.' It was reported that there were 1200 Barasinghas in the park till 2006. There are around 22 different mammal species found in Kanha. It is believed that the rich density of fauna found in the Kanha National Park cannot be matched elsewhere. Wildlife enthusiasts can spot tigers, chitals, common grey langur, sambar and swamp deer in the territory.

One can also spot black bucks are deers roaming around. There are around 175 different varieties of birds available in the national park. The elephant safari in the Kanha National Park is very famous and sought after by the tourists. The reptiles found in the national park include pythons, monitor lizards and a large number of snakes.

Excursions from Kanha National Park

Bamni Dadar:It is known for being the highest plateau in the Kanha National Park. Initially, it was used for landing the British officials who were interested in game hunting and jungle safaris. One can watch the beautiful sunset over the plains of Bishanpura, Ghorella, Qurai and Mukki from the high placement of the Bamni Dadar.

Shravan Tal: It is located in the central part of the Kanha National Park and is mythologically linked to the death of the Shravan Kumar being killed by the King Dashratha by mistake.

Kanha National Park Tiger

Kanha Museum: The Museum is located within Kanha National Park and is known for collecting the important souvenirs reflecting the tribal culture of Madhya Pradesh.

When to Reach
Kanha National Park is basically open for the tourists, every year from 15th of October till the 30th of June. Mostly tourists love visiting the national park from October to March due to the cooler climate. The period from November to February is the best for bird watching. The park is closed during the monsoon season from July to Mid October.

How to Reach
By Air: The nearest airport to Kanha National park is Nagpur. It is around 266 km away from Kanha national park.
By Rail:  The nearest railway station to Kanha National park is located at Jabalpur which is around 169 km away from the national park.
By Road: Well maintained roads connect the Kanha Natioanal Park with Jabalpur, Raipur, Khajuraho and Mukki.

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